Ways to Refresh for Spring

It’s the that time of year where we all get the itch to press restart. You know, the second attempt after the new year (no judgment here!). With organization and decluttering on our minds (thanks to the lovely Marie Kondo), I thought what better time to share my tips for ways to refresh and renew your home for spring!


The first thing I do when getting my home spring ready is swap out all the winter themed scents. The apple pie and bonfire candles get stored away for next year, and out come the floral and fresh linen scents that make us feel like warm weather is near.  This year, I’m trying something new and opting out of using candles. Instead I’m using high quality diffusers. My absolute favourite - West Coast by Vancouver Candle Co.  

living room-3.jpg

Add some greenery! Did you know some indoor house plants can actually improve the air quality in your home? Plants like the split leaf Monstera (philodendron family) actually do more than just look pretty. They are always working to actually detoxify the air in your home.

living room-4.jpg

One of my favourite parts about getting my home spring ready is stripping all the linens, slip covers, and curtains, and taking them for dry cleaning. It’s like jumping into fresh hotel bed sheets the first night you check in. I mean, is there anything more satisfying?


I’m a firm believer that everything needs to have a place in your home. It keeps not only your home tidy and organized but also helps to keep your mind clear too. I didn’t realize until moving that I had A LOT of stuff. I was definitely guilty of the “one day I’ll use it” saying. Since then, I make it a habit to go through our things every season and donate, toss, or recycle any items we are not using. The best method I have found for this is taking everything out of its spot and going through the items one by one. Deciding what you use most and what has really just been collecting dust. Whether it be the kitchen cabinets, your makeup drawer, or your closet.

When going through your makeup and toiletries, keep in mind expiry dates, brushes and tools that are worn out, as well as products you may not have liked but have been holding on to. For clothing, part with items that are ill-fitting and/or worn out, in addition to items you never seem to wear.



Once you have decluttered, the fun really begins. But before you go out and buy a ton of dividers and containers, measure your spaces first!  Measure drawer openings and cupboard heights to make sure you maximize your storage potential.  My favourite places to shop for storage solutions are Ikea, the dollar store, Home Sense, and Amazon. For food storage solutions, Williams Food Equipment and Gourmet Warehouse

Do you have any refresh rituals? Share them along with what you’re doing to refresh and renew your home this spring by tagging @ohsomona